Whether helping you nurture teambuilding or teaching change strategies in a workshop, I leverage my business skills to elevate your staff or team to the next level. Let me show you how to optimise your company and staff.


My incredible Expedition Ready Teambuilding program forges strong teams with common goals and values. Harnessing my experience building teams for extreme expeditions to Everest and Denali, plus leadership and HR skills in the corporate world, I facilitate transformational teambuilding by improving communication and understanding.


My workshops on Handling Change and Teambuilding rapidly help companies make improvements. Combining my management consultant and expedition leading experience, I host workshops that shape attitude and output.

Life Activation

For a truly transformative experience, my Life Activation sessions can ignite your full potential. An ancient modality that has been practiced for over 3000 years, Life Activation is a profound way to awaken your mind and body, placing you firmly on your highest life path.


Modern day living throws up all manner of stresses and confusions which cause us to navigate life with negative emotions, harmful belief systems and disempowering thought patterns. Life Activation purges these patterns that hinder your life by activating your dormant DNA, plugging you back into your divine blueprint.


As your dormant DNA becomes activated, you achieve greater clarity with a renewed sense of wellbeing. Life Activation is one of the most powerful ways to move forward with joy and confidence.


For further inner growth work, I also offer Aura Healing and Max Meditations TM .



The benefits of Life Activation:

  • Awakens areas of the brain to help focus and concentration

  • Reduces stress and increases energy levels

  • Brings a higher sense of balance and equilibrium to your life

  • Offers a greater understanding of your purpose and destiny

  • Helps you forge positive relationships with those around you

  • Purges the blockages that are hindering your success and progression in life