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Are you ready to push yourself physically and mentally to the next level? Do you want to embark on the challenge of a lifetime? Why not join me on an unforgettable adventure to some of the world’s most extraordinary locations?


Two to three times a year I host exciting expeditions or trips to exotic locations which are an incredible catalyst for personal development and growth. Discover where in the world you can join me below on a forthcoming trip.

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Fýyri Adventures in Hemsedal

Date: 12-14 August 2022

Trip summary:

Join me on an Adventure in cooperation with Fyri Resort in Hemsedal. As on all extreme adventures we'll get to know each other, prepare, stories from previous adventures from me. We'll do a really cool hike with an spectacular view and wind down by the pool before a nice dinner at Liv restaurant. 

On Sunday I'll take you trough a recovery session before we do a shorter hike and enjoy our lunch in Nature. 

Hattavika 2.png

Lofoten Norway

Date: 22-24. April 2022

Trip summary:

Join us for an amazing weekend in Lofoten Norway. We'll spend time in the beautiful nature, be active, have fun and also have time to relax and enjoy our selves with sauna and 3- and 5-course dinners. Saturday we'll experience the Arctic surfing a very unique and fun day  

This weekend will be together with my expedition partner for the Dare to Dream Big project, so you'll get to here some of our challenges with that and also how we use nature to keep in balance in the challenging times we all experience.  


Inca Trail to Machu Pichu and Rainbow mountain

Date: 21. June 2024

Trip summary:

Join us trekking the classical 4-day Inca Trail, visiting Machu Pichu which is on the list of 7 new «wonders of the world». We will also trek to the fantastic Rainbow mountains and sleep a night in the amazing skyloge in the mountainside 400m above the Sacred valley. We’ll end the trip seeing a bit of the capital Lima and for those who want there is also an opportunity to se the famous Nasca Lines. 

Laguna Verde Chile.jpg

The Attacama Inca triology

Date: TBC -

Trip summary:

The Attacama Desert in Chile has a lot of 6000m mountains, most of them volcanoes,and these mountains caught the attention of the first culture in the area, the Incas. For them the connection with the gods was in the high altitude and for that reason they climbed these mountains hundreds of years ago, leaving behind some constructions and ceremonial areas. On this trip we will climb 3 of these sacred Inca mountains - one of them Incahuasi 6638m that caught my attention when I saw it for the first time. We will also se a little of the capital Santiago de Chile, a nice city with many interesting areas.

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