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As a motivational speaker, it’s my mission to inspire others through my words.


Drawing upon my experiences in business and conquering the world’s highest mountains, I’m a strong advocate for positive change by overcoming fears to achieve goals. 


From TEDx talks to top tier businesses, I’ve spoken to over four thousand people across the world, using my wisdom to help motivate others to conquer their personal Everest. Here are a selection of my keynote talks. If you would like me to speak at an event or conference please get in touch.

The mindset of summeting Mt. Everest - When challenges line up | Siv Harstad | TEDxArendal
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The mindset of summiting Mt. Everest

When challenges line up

Siv Harstad | TEDxArendal


Dare to Dream Big - the art of planning and executing Big goals with resilience

In todays economy many teams being managed remotely the need for communication and connection to the company’s vision are essential. In this presentation you will learn how we managed a successful expedition when everyone else canceled theirs (due to the travel restrictions and uncertainty). Drawing on my expertise as a global adventurer and expedition leader, this presentation will show how this expedition provides a framework for skillfully planning and executing BiG goals with resilience. 

  • from idea to plan and execution 

  • teamwork and communication in the team

  • how to handle changes and uncertainty

Keeping the Focus - Everest

Let me take you on a journey to the mountains of Nepal and you get to hear parts of my personal challenges:

  • experiencing a severe burnout, getting healthy enough to climb Mt. Everest in 2015, only to barely survive Nepal's worst earthquake in 80 years. 

  • in 2016 I went blind on the summit of Everest! How I climbed down the mountain while blind is a lot like what we are dealing with trying to navigate business in the midst of a pandemic!

  • Participants will learn: How we all can empower ourselves by the choices and decisions we make every day, especially when things are tough and do not go as we hoped for -- or even worse that we thought... like they did for us when the earthquake hit!

Life is not for Sissies

Look, we’re all hit by the pandemic, it sucks for all of us. While we may have been wishing and hoping that it would be over by now, the fact is that this is a part of our current reality. And the reality is that Life isn’t for Sissies. Quit looking for a savior or other solutions. 

In this talk I share personal stories of adversity and setback. Discover my rules for living a successful life and learn mindset shifts that will shift your perspectives of life and help you:

  • Don’t give in too soon on your dreams

  • Adapt to challenges

  • Boost your moral

  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Become more resilient

Stop wishing and whining and start doing

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