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Transforming  Dreams into Reality


Growing up on the west coast of Norway I have been surrounded by mountains most of my life, however that meant going cross country or downhill skiing and helping getting the sheep down from their summer grassing in the mountains every autumn.


The mountains of Norway are both beautiful and spectacular, but not very high. In my late teens I started trekking in the mountains, but because of my fear of heights I was not drawn to mountaineering. That was not until I trekked the Inca Trail in Peru. That's when when my passion for high altitude mountains and the special connection to Mother Earth, that always have been there, was ignited. I wanted to do more and I challenged myself and my fears. 

Today I can climb peaks I would not have dared when I started. The feeling of mastery and achievement reaching one of my goals takes me to cloud 9, immense joy and happiness. A feeling I will have with me for the rest of my life.

I am undertaking the ultimate test of physical, mental and spiritual endurance. A feat no human has ever achieved and that would test even the world’s most distinguished explorer.

My goal is to be the first person in the world to conquer seven summits, seven volcanoes and two poles. Because I really want a Woman to be the first person in the world - for once. And I can do it.

By sharing pictures and stories from locations most people never get to visit I am one of the voices of Mother Earth. 

I 'd like a Woman to be the first person for once 


I have already climbed the peaks of the highest mountains in each of the seven continents. One of only a few hundred people on the planet have achieve this monumental achievement. 

I not only plan to undertake the Volcanic Seven Summits challenge by climbing each of the highest volcanoes across the world’s seven continents, but tread in the footsteps of legendary explorers like fellow Norwegian Roald Amundsen and reach the North and South Poles.

This will be an unprecedented adventure that pushes human endurance to the ends of the earth – quite literally.

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The Seven Summits

Climbing The Seven Summits - the highest mountains on each of the world’s seven continents - is one of the most notable challenges in mountaineering. Including myself, only few hundred people on the planet have completed this adventure and I was among the first 80 women to have climbed them all. 


Mesner List

AFRICA: Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895m

EUROPE: Mt. Elbrus 5642m

NORTH AMERICA: Denali 6190m

SOUTH AMERICA: Aconcagua 6960m

ANTARCTICA: Mt. Vinson 4892m

ASIA: Mt. Everest 8848m

OCEANIA: Carztenz Pyramid 4884m

+The Two Poles - Explorers Grand Slam

The Explorer’s Grand Slam is a journey to the North Pole and South Pole as well as climbing the Seven Summits. Today this has only been accomplished by 69 people. I will go to the South Pole in November 2024 and to the North Pole in April 2024.

+The Volcanic Seven Summits (2more volcanoes to go)

A lesser known but no less demanding sister challenge of the 7 summits is The Volcanic Seven Summits. It was first completed in 2011 and less than 40 people have completed it so far.


AFRICA: Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895m 

EUROPE: Mt. Elbrus 5642m

NORTH AMERICA: Pico de Orizaba 5636m

SOUTH AMERICA: Ojos del Salado 6896m

 ANTARCTICA: Mt. Sidley 4285m

ASIA: Mt. Damavand 5610m

OCEANIA: Mount Giluwe 4367m

As things got difficult for us all in 2020 I have joined forces with my friend and created a joint venture called: Dare to Dream BIG



I would love you to be part of my incredible journey. You can help my 7 Summits, 7 Volcanoes, 2 Poles, 1 Mission project by making a small (or large) donation bellow here or via Vipps to 554192 if you are in Norway. 


We might open our Dare to Dream BIG challenge where you participate and do an activity while I'm on my final expeditions of this big goal. Send me a message if you are interested and I'll keep you informed when we launch the next challenge. 


For Corporate: you can sponsor my expeditions with product donations or a financial donation. Let's have a talk and find out what would be best for you to get in return e.g. visibility, talks, team buildings, leadership meetings/retreats, coaching etc. 


You can also be a part of our preparations and follow the expeditions closely. Get in touch and we'll find out what is a good solution for your company. Maybe our Challenges that will be happening during my final expeditions is something? 



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