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19 May 2016

Southeast Ridge – South Col Route

Worlds Highest Mountain and one of the 7 summits. Summited from South side (Nepal side) 19th of May 2016 - by that being the first Norwegian Woman to summit Mt. Everest from the south side.


Unlike most others climbing Mt. Everest was never a dream for me. Just back in Base Camp after climbing Cho Oyu in 2009 I was asked when I came back to climb Everest. Upon I answered I was not intending to climb Mt. Everest. 

After climbing Ama Dablam in 2012  a friend told me he was organizing an Everest expedition and wanted me to join. At first I said no thank you, but after some discussions I ended up saying yes to join the Expedtion. 

A long story short: I ended up as the Expedtion leader for a Norwegian Everst expedtion in 2015. 3 weeks into our expedition, 25th of April 2015 we expreinced Nepals devastating earthquake - 7,9 on Richters scale. 

The earthquake and it's effects was massive, 9.000 lost their life that day and 1 million lost their home. It was an easy dessision to follour our team values and cancle our expedtion in that situation. 

In 2016 I returned to climb Mt. Everest and it all went really well, untill I lost my vision on the summit 8848m and had to climb down from the summit to Camp 4 totally blind. Somting that was both extremely difficult and dangerous, in attion to taking a very long time - the closes camp was Camp 4 at 7.900m and it is not a safe place either, because no-one can rescue you there. After 24 hours I got my vsion back and was able to Base Camp on my own. 

You can read more about both of these stories in my Everst blog

Aconcagua Mule.jpg
Aconcagua Mule.jpg
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