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3 Days:  Lofoten Expereince

22-24. April 2022

Are you ready for an active weekend in beautiful Norwegian nature? 3 days/2 nights - "Here and now" course: We'll refill and have time to just be.

After the period we all have been trough this is what we all need, after all we are human-being's and not human-doings. 


We're traveling to Lofoten to be outdoors in nature, have fun and enjoy ourselves. We are also going to slow down, eat good local food and have good conversations. 

You'll have time with the two adventurers Siv Harstad and Håkon Skog Erlandsen who both are experienced with high altitude mountaineering and extreme expeditions. They know a lot about being outdoors in nature, performance, restitution and being here and now. If you're lucky they'll share some stories from one or more expeditions too. 

We'll stay at Hattavika in nice Rorbuer with private rooms for each and everyone. 


We'll arrive in Lofoten Friday noon, most people choose to fly to Leksnes and travel onwards to Hattavika, where we'll stay at the nice rorbu's they have with good standard. After a introduction round we'll eat lunch and go for a short trek. If weather permits we'll crate a fire and have a real "bonfire" talk. 

Afterwards you can enjoy the sauna and relax before we have a 3 course dinner in the brand new restaurant Fauna which serves delicious local food. 


After a nice breakfast we'll drive 40 minutes to the famous Unstad beach. One of the best surf destinations in the world. We'll have a full on Arctic Surf experience (for new beginners) with dry suit. If you are experienced just enjoy.

Afterwards there will be a after surf, with sauna and hot tub, a nice lunch...and rumors has it they also have Norway's largest and best cinnamon rolls.. - if you for any reason do not want to surf or do SUP there are nice trekking alternatives there too. 

After a full day at the beach we'll head back for an epic 5 course dinner at Fangst. Maye there will be a musical treat too. 


We'll enjoy a nice breakfast and start the day with a meditation, so that were all in a good place for the day. 

Then we'll head out for another trek to one the near by mountains. 

When we in the late afternoon head for the airport we have new memories, new friends and our mind and body have grounded in the amazing Norwegian arctic nature so we are more peaceful than when we arrived. 

There are several alternatives for our trekking trips, so we'll decide depending on the weather. 


  • all activities in 3 days

  • rental of all surf equipment and instructor

  • all food from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch. 3-course dinner on Friday and 5 course dinner on Saturday*

  • stay in private room at Hattavika lodge, Lofoten

  • pickup from Leksnes airport

* drinks are not included

There will be maximum 14 participants. 

Payment = joining the weekend. 

If you are 2 people who want to share room, let us know and we'll get you a discount. 

If you have any allergies or questions: send mail to:

If there are less than 6 participants we'll find a different date. 


 14.650,- NOK

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