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I’ll start on Monday….

Have you ever thought to yourself that you were going to start something new and decided to start on the following Monday? And then you were not so motivated that you thought you were… or you somehow decided to wait one more week before you started.

I know I have.

However, when it comes to expeditions there is one thing that you can not keep postponing, that is training. At some point you must not only start, but really get going to be in shape for the expedition. I for sure do not want to go on an expedition where I am not in shape and not able to do what I intended to, just because I did not prepare in time.

Preparing for the North pole

Some of you may know that my next expedition is the North pole – in April. Now is the time to get going with training.

I have not trained much since June, or basically since end of March/April. Because I have had an issue with my hip and after having this issue for several years, causing me pain on many trips I decided it was time to do something about it. As always I have attacked the issue from many different angles: Acupuncture, chiropractor, facia massage and healing. While doing all this the body needs time to adjust so it is not a good idea to train hard at the same time. Hence there is a bit of a backlog on getting in shape this time.

My body is still adjusting to some of the changes, but I am ready to start, and also have to start to be ready for April. I have not really trained with a tire before. Skiing with a sled for so many days demands proper preparations for the trip, so there is no way around it any longer. I have gotten the tires(s) and set them up. Also ben out for a few small trips.

On Monday I had planned to get up early and start, so that I would be ready for my first meeting at 9. My alarm clock went off, I felt really tired and wanted to go back to sleep again. Told myself I could wait until Tuesday… and that I needed more sleep. At the same time, I had this not so good feeling by trying to not follow my plan for training. Because I know, if you skip one training it is sooo easy to skip the next and the next and before you know it is expedition time and you are not fit. I do not want that.

Discussing with myself

A bit of back and forth discussions with myself: get out to train or not, is it too late or not, do I need the extra sleep or not.. Then I said to myself: “Come on Siv, get out of bed and train. Even if you only have time for 30 minutes now and not the full 60 min as you planned it is better than not going” So I did, got myself out of bed and out for a trip with tire.

This little video explains why it was worth it and why my tire now is called “Aurora”. It totally made my day and is a good example of how doing what we plan makes us feel amazing - especially when we get to interact with other people too.

If you want to start training or do something new, I recommend keeping the plan, even though it might not feel so tempting when you stand there. The victory of having done it and the feeling afterwards is totally worth it. Just make sure you are not over ambitious when you plan, start small and add on, so that you grow the muscle of doing what you plan.

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