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The strongest earthquake in 80 years and the life after

Being present and experiencing the strongest earthquake in Nepal in 80 years has made strong impressions. To give you a perspective, the strength of the earthquake is calculated to be the same as 23 Hiroshima bombs - I think you have to experience it to really understand.

Also the destruction and devastation after it I think you have to be there to really take it in. Not to forget that it has been a massive amount of earthquakes afterwards. Including a really big one 2,5 weeks after the first. It came when everybody thought everything was calming down and going back to normal. The mental stress of that must have been the hardest.

This summer Nepal finally passed a new constitution. Most people were really happy it finally came through. However a group of people did not like it, so with the support of India they have stopped import of vital things like: medicine, gas for cars and cooking. This has gone on for many months. People have had to manage without these necessities. From my perspective it's unbelievable that the press is not writing about it and that the global society does not put pressure on India to stop it. When people are not able to cook food and are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine the politics have gone too far...

What's also been difficult is that all the tourist, the main income for many, have stayed home. People did not only get damaged properties, they lost their job too. E.g. US lifted the travel ban for Nepal as late as 2 days ago.

I have been holding presentations to fund aid, staring an NGO to help rebuild schools. Doing my best to help.

The very best we can do is to go back to Nepal as soon as possible - to give them work.

Therefore I have worked to establish a team to go back to Everest, at a point there was a group going this spring. However everyone have pulled out for various reasons.

I know the need for work is enormous - think for yourself if you have not had work for 1 year and was to provide for your family... I've decided to go back on my own.

I have calculated by going back I'll help between 25-30 families, in addition the government get the permit fees. Here are a few of the people getting work.

I'd love to take you with me and for you to take on your challenge - at the same time we help these families with work. More information on HOW here - click Pledge to donate

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