The highest mountain in Antarctica, locateed in the Ellsworth Mountains 1200km from the South Pole.
One of the 7 summits.

Summited 4th January 2018 and by that the 4th Norwegian Woman/10th Norwegian who have climbed all the 7 Summits.
Approx only 450 people have done so world wide.


4th January 2018

When was I there: 


What country is it in:

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Going to Antarctica and climbing Mt. Vinson have for many years been my dream. That it ended up as my final of the 7 summits was therefore fitting. 

Antarctica did not dissapoint - it was even better than epected. So incredibly large and at the same time so clean and untouched. I have only one word for it: Prestine

To be able to fly out to Antarctica and climb Mt. Vinson we fist had to fly all the way to far south of Chile - Punta Arenas. Just flying there took 24 hours. Then the waiting game started.